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The Band

Formed in 2003 by noted scholar, composer/arranger and keyboardist, Dr. Guthrie Ramsey, MusiQologY plays jazz infused with the sounds of R&B, funk, soul, Latin, and hip hop.

Ramsey, who composes and arranges all of the band’s music, stylishly crafts the deep grooves, funky melodies and bluesy harmonies that make MusiQologY’s sound so appealing.

In live performances, MusiQologY shoots from the hip, electrifying audiences with spiraling improvised solos, and live reinterpretations of jazz standards as well as Ramsey’s own original compositions.

y the q album cover

MusiQologY has performed for sold out audiences at the University of Pennsylvania, the Kimmel Center, and in some of Philadelphia’s best known venues such as Zanzibar Blue and Gloria’s Seafood House.

In the spring of 2004, the band took its unique sound abroad to South America, touring Uruguay as part of a U.S. Embassy program.

MusiQologY’s debut album, “Y the Q?” (Ramsey Records) has already enjoyed considerable radio play, and has been met with critical acclaim.


Listen to the music of Dr. Guy’s MusiQologY by clicking here! Enjoy!




3 thoughts on “MusiQologY”

  1. windelamaxwell said:

    Thanks for the jazz! and the words of motivation today in class, I am taking your advice to heart, “Writers are entrepreneurs.”

  2. Darius Witherspoon said:

    I must say, from the heart, that Dr. Guy’s MusiQology’s music, the debut release, “Y the Q?,” breaks the mold, giving the serious listener, especially the more mature crowd, something to relate to. Through the years, we’ve heard plenty of “baby makin’ music” and stuff. That’s good and all, but, for people like me, about to go “over the hill” in a minute or two (yeah, I’m almost 40 and satisfied!), my wife and I are done with that aspect, although we are still goin’ strong and closer everyday! Kids are growing up – more important stuff to ponder upon, big decisions, bigger plans in life! This CD seems to connect with me on a more emotional and spiritual level, bringing what really matters into focus. Tunes like “Subjunctive Mood” and “Lago di Como” allow me to step back and reflect on more relevant and sentimental things in life, as the flow of the music gives me that room to really reflect and shed a few tears here and there. At the same time, “Lucky Seven” and “Reverse Commute” takes the lid off the worries of life, and allows the listener to let loose and have some fun! “Dorcas’s Lament” slowly takes the listener to a more intimate setting, alone in that favorite spot at home, enjoying something simple, just coolin’ out, or with that special someone, away from it all! What I love about the CD is that the music can be interpreted in so many different ways, because life affects each of us uniquely, and the emotions in each song can connect us listeners to very special events or milestones in our lives, thus providing that spiritual connection between the rhythm and melody to the heart!!! Like fine wine, it’s carefully selected with the meal, for the mature, those who can digest it with care, and last, but not least, it only gets better with time!!!

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