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The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival in Wilmington, Delaware is one of the largest free festivals of its kind on the east coast.  Lineups always impress: the musicians play leisurely sets, and many prepare special shows–not just blowing standards–as they tour their latest efforts.  Wilmington is popping during the weeklong festivities with after sets and lots of music during the workdays.  My band Dr. Guy’s Musiqology had the pleasure of playing it, and it was one of the best times of my life.  Enjoy the photo gallery of these very fond memories (photos: Scott Ellis).

A couple of nights ago I slipped out of the festival to be interviewed by Richard Blackwell, whose internet TV show, Jazz on My Mind was winding up his second full season.  A promoter, radio jock, manager, and much more, Richard and his wife/business partner Charlynn are bringing an energy to the jazz scene in Mid-Atantic region, especially Wilmington.  They’re an excellent example of how it’s up to us, and not the corporations/record labels to promote whatever music moves up.  The musicians are ready. They just need support.  Check out the interview below, and enjoy!

Richard Blackwell

Charlyn Blackwell









Backstage with jazz great Oliver Lake