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Black Music Month, Day #19

As a young father raising three active kids clustered close in age, one needed survival techniques.  Life was messy, challenging, and rewarding–all that good stuff.  But I knew where to get help, where I always got

Young Dad

it: music.  I wrote a song or a chant for every kid occasion:  a time to go to bed song, a change the diaper song, a time to catch the school bus song, a “quit your belly-aching” song.  Of course, soccer, basketball, swimming, football, baseball, track, crew, etc., was always a constant.  But music was something through which I could share the intangible.

Full Circle: Little London and her "Big G"


I wrote this song in honor of my granddaughter London’s birth.  This scrapbook of father memories–from young, inexperienced dad to “ole head” granddad with the answers charts a life of  pride and wonder.  It’s sung by my youngest daughter Bridget, who is following me in the professional world of music.  I dedicate this personal musical message to all the dedicated fathers out there doing the best they can to make it.   Happy Fathers Day to you all.


Forever My Baby People

It Happens So Fast