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The Rolling Stones

The British Invasion remains one of the most relevant music movements of the sixties. British pop and rock ‘n’ roll bands, already sensations in their home country, rose to take the US music scene by storm. This movement was led in 1964 by the prominent migration of ‘Beatlemania’ across the pond. The Beatles were first played on American radio on December 17, 1963, and were duly received with vast amounts of praise and curiosity. Capitol Records was forced to release the single I Want To Hold Your Hand three weeks early. This became a precursor to their immense and immediate popularity, a phenomenon that would continue until the band’s end in 1970.

The Beatles – I Wanna Hold Your Hand

But The Beatles weren’t alone in spreading Britain’s unique musical talent, others followed; The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and The Animals became ubiquitous in the US, spreading the reach of their influence across the globe. Bands such as these firmly established the genre of music they represented, primarily rock and roll, along with the legitimacy of the British music industry. Bands of the British Invasion inspired American performers, some of whom began to mimic the style, and periodically stifled other emerging genres. This wave of ‘Britishness’ occupied the US music scene in its entirety, up until 1967.

The Rolling Stones – Not Fade Away

The Ministry of Sound at Elephant & Castle, London UK

Just like The Beatles headed the British Invasion, Ministry of Sound has remained at the forefront of club music for eighteen years. The nightclub, founded in South London in 1991, was originally dedicated to the promotion of US house music in the UK. It opened in a disused bus garage and was fast to gain popularity. Now, Ministry of Sound presents the very best of genres such as house, electronic and dance, attracting international DJs and a diverse crowd that all share a common love of music. Not only was it successful in heralding the arrival of US house music, but it has cultivated that success by always presenting the freshest new beats.

However, unlike The Beatles and the British Invasion movement, Ministry of Sound has extended its popularity through more than one medium of influence. Over the years, Ministry has evolved from a venue to a global brand; this includes the regular release of CDs, a TV station, a radio show, and various paraphernalia such as clothing and other merchandise. Additionally, a second club has opened in Egypt. Also dissimilar is Ministry’s ability to adapt to the times. It is widely thought that the British Invasion lasted for a mere three years. Comparatively, Ministry celebrated its eighteenth birthday two months ago and has thrived for nearly two decades. The Ministry of Sound label began as a key component of the internationalization of US house music; it now stands as a movement in itself, one that celebrates a broader genre of electronic music on a global scale. Here’s to another eighteen years of prosperity.

Plumb – In My Arms (Bimbo Jones Extended Remix)

Anna Christofferson